CBD Paste Raw Syringe (Endoca)10g




20% ~2000mg

This pure CBD paste from Endoca contains even 20% CBD and CBDA, which makes it a powerful paste with a wholesome effect on our body. The paste contains a broad range of different cannabinoids, all of biological nature. Beneficial for the general well-being: try this Endoca CBD paste yourself now!
The benefits you experience
Many satisfied users already tried it out: the Endoca CBD paste has a wholesome effect that can have a positive influence on many different complaints. The metabolism is improved by using this product. Our general well-being is stimulated, because the active components in the product support our cannabinoid systems. So different vital body functions are supported.

Use of the CBD paste
It is important to use the right dosage. Because the CBD paste is rather powerful, it is recommended to take in 0.5 ml under the tongue once or twice per day. This is sufficient for a good effect. After one minute you can swallow the paste. The paste is supplied in an injection tube, which helps to take in the right dose.

About Endoca
Endoca is a Danish family business that donates part of their profits to research on epilepsy. The focus is on quality in the development of their products. Order Endoca CBD paste now at CBD-Expert!

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2 syringes @ 180.00  360.00, 5 syringes @ 150.00  750.00, 10 syringes @ 130.00  1,300.00

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